Points To Consider When Choosing Accident Lawyers in Middlebury, VT

by | Mar 1, 2014 | Lawyers

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When you’ve been in a vehicular accident where you were injured through no fault of your own, it’s truly not a matter of if you should seek the advice of accident lawyers in Middlebury, VT, but which ones to consult with. Because they typically offer free consultations whereby you both interview each other, you get a chance to tell your side of the story, explaining how the accident occurred, the type of injuries you’ve encountered and how long doctors foresee you being out of commission. The attorneys, in turn, analyze the details of your case, the type of proof you’ve brought to them and the likelihood of positive settlement. If they see the merit in the case, they will offer to represent you.

Just because accident lawyers in Middlebury, VT offer to represent you doesn’t mean you need to accept their help. It’s helpful to interview a minimum of three lawyers or firms, evaluating them in key areas, before making a decision. The first area to take into consideration is their estimation of likelihood of success. Find out how many other cases they’ve handled similar to yours and what the outcomes were. Don’t be afraid to ask about these items, as they’re vital in your decision making process.

Ask about fees, finding out how much they charge up front, or if they offer to settle your fees after a verdict and judgment have been rendered. Compare the percentage of your case they will take to what other law firms charge. While cost is rarely the deciding factor, it is most definitely something to be aware of. Additionally, find out if they offer a loan program where you can borrow against your future settlement to get you through the financial difficulties now. Most attorneys won’t offer such a program, or refer you to a company that does, unless they’re very sure of your success.

Consider intrinsic factors such as the rapport you’ve built with the lawyer, the confidence you have in them and the online reviews you’ve read about them. Whether you go with someone a friend recommends or Schneider and Palcsik Injury Lawyers, be confident in your choice, knowing you have done your research ahead of time.

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