Popular options for resurfacing your swimming pool

Sooner or later everything wears out, this even includes the interior of your backyard swimming pool. You are aware that there is nothing more useless than a pool that no one wants to go in so swimming pool resurfacing in Jacksonville Beach is something that must be considered. There is good news for those that are faced with pool resurfacing, there is a host of options available today that had not even been thought of years ago when the pool was first installed. Resurfacing your pool will allow you at the same time to change the appearance for the better.

There is one thing that is for sure when you are faced with resurfacing the pool, it is expensive. The cost of course all depends on the size of the pool, the current condition and the material you opt for. There is nothing you can do about the size or condition but you can control the material.

Options for swimming pool resurfacing in Jacksonville Beach
The most common material that is used to resurface a concrete pool is plaster. Although this may be true there are other materials such as exposed aggregate which are also coming into their own as a resurfacing option. What follows is a brief rundown of the options from the least to the most expensive.

*Paint: Although painting the pool is not a long term option it is by far the most economical choice. Even though you might use high quality epoxy paint it really is little more than a “Band Aid” but if you are on a limited budget it can buy you time until you can afford a permanent fix.

*Plaster: Plaster is a very common material for use on a home swimming pool, it is quite durable and relatively inexpensive. White plaster in particular gives the pool the classic look of “cleanliness.” Plaster is also available in a host of colors.

*Fiberglass: Fiberglass is fine for repairing and refinishing a fiberglass pool liner but is of little use for a concrete or gunite pool shell.

*Aggregate: Today, aggregate is the trendy, in material to use for swimming pool resurfacing in Jacksonville Beach area. Aggregate is a mix of plaster and quartz or multi colored pebbles. The finished surface is quite attractive and extremely durable but the surface finish can be rough to the touch.

*Tiles: Top of the line luxury. As you might expect tiles are the most expensive due to the amount of labor and the actual cost of the tiles but if unabashed luxury is what you want, you can’t beat tiles.

When the contractors are undertaking swimming pool resurfacing in Jacksonville Beach many owners take the opportunity to repair the pool deck, replace the lights and upgrade the pump and filters.

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