Popularity Rising in Luwak Coffee

There are a variety of coffee types and some are more expensive than others. Coffee is grown in a number of different places with widely varying results. In addition to picking coffee that’s grown in a certain place you can also find coffee that has been consumed and then processed in a very “natural” way. The Asian palm civet is a cat or raccoon like animal that loves coffee as much as (or more than) you do. After they eat it, the effect of roasting and then brewing the digested beans is quite simply an exquisite experience. Indonesian luwak coffee is a delicacy and it’s expensive but many are interested in trying it to see what the hype is all about.

Because this coffee, from Indonesia, is so popular, there are a number of websites offering you the ability to buy luwak coffee online. Many people buy this coffee to try and most often, as a special gift for the foodie or coffee connoisseur in their life. Not all luwak coffee is equal but once you find a great luwak coffee website you’ll want to bookmark it. You might find that this coffee is more expensive but the rare delicacy is so interesting that you’ll want to keep it on hand for special occasions.

What makes Luwak coffee different?

What does luwak coffee taste like? Some swear it’s the most interesting coffee and well worth the price, particularly if you brew it well. Some say they’ve had more than one type and have had varying opinions on whether it tasted too earthy, not strong enough, or etcetera. There are Arabica and Robusta varieties and you’ll want to be sure that you brew it according to directions as well as store it carefully to preserve the flavor. Like any other coffee out there, you can have varying results depending on water temperature, brewing type, bean age and storage method, and so forth.

Buy Luwak Coffee Online

If you buy luwak coffee online be sure you read up on the company offering it. Find out for sure that it is genuine luwak coffee (some companies are using clever wording to make their coffee ‘seem’ like kopi luwak when really, it’s not) and many suggest you look for a coffee company that offers responsibly harvested civet coffee on a plantation that treats civets well (free range versus animals caged and overfed simply for their product).

You can buy Luwak Coffee Online at http://luwakstar.com/, a well-reputed kopi luwak coffee company.

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