Pre-School Programs in Huntington Beach, CA Prepare a Child Before the Opportunity for Being Held Back in Kindergarten Ever Happens

Repeating kindergarten is surprisingly common. Many parents do it as a response to ailing performance in the grade. The question is whether it is often the best decision. There are studies to suggest that holding as child back for another year of kindergarten actually hampers their performance in higher grades, specifically first and second. It’s a bizarre thing to consider. Allowing a child more time to grow in a kindergarten atmosphere may actually work against them. What is the best way to handle the situation of a child heading in to or potentially leaving kindergarten? What makes performance weaker in subsequent grades?

The answer may have to do with a social angle. For example, children a year behind are not getting a similar experiences children of the same age who did not repeat a grade. It’s a subtle difference. Events at that age can have a huge impact. Another reason it may be an issue is the repeat of knowledge and social skills. The idea behind repeating kindergarten is the lack of performance the first time. But, who is to say the performance will be any better? Is it really just a matter of “doubling down” that will alleviate the problem? There may be a social concern underpinning a child’s performance in kindergarten. Repeating it the same way may not just be unnecessary. As is often related to the definition of one particular word, it may be insane.

Holding a child back in kindergarten is not insane, by any stretch of the imagination. It is valuable to remember that doing it in the same fashion and in the same way may not be particularly productive. There has to be a way to increase performance, and not just to repeat a bad performance again.

Many parents prepare their child before ever reaching kindergarten. Pre-school programs in Huntington Beach, CA can help establish some social consistency. The programs can also help pinpoint potential trouble areas that could pop up. Pre-school programs in Huntington Beach, CA are a wonderful way to see what’s happening now before it cycles in a grade-school capacity. Browse our website for more information on kindergarten and after-school activities.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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