Preparing for fumigation: tips for the homeowner

If you have found termites in your home, chances are you are looking to have your home fumigated. One of the important steps in termite pest control is the preparation. Fumigation is especially effective if one has those bad infestation cases. The gas fumigant is not only poisonous to household pests but can also be harmful to humans if exposed to it improperly. Before the fumigation, here are some important things to think about;

Alternate lodging

The gas might subside after a few hours if you are lucky, but for those extreme cases, you and your family might have to seek alternative lodging once the fumigation starts. Quality termite pest control in Charleston, SC should involve an inspection before the actual process, and from that will be able to tell you the extent of the damage and how long the fumigation will take. Remember that pets, including aquatic ones, will also have to out of the house. Sometimes it is necessary to remove even house plants.

The rooms

There is a reasonable expectation of privacy for anyone entering the home, but fumigation does not require physical entry. With this in mind, make sure you open all the doors between the various rooms. Also, open all the cabinets, drawers, closets, safes and appliances. The blinds and drapes should also be open to allow the fumigator easy access.


It is not easy to move to the alternate lodging location with all the food in the house. Any food items and consumables should be properly sealed. A quality fumigator will be able to provide or describe effective ways to seal off the foodstuff. This includes medicine, tobacco, pet food or any dental products. Only products that are in unopened bottles, cans or jars, or those with the original seals intact do not require double bagging. The fumigator should make sure everything is properly bagged before they continue with the process.


Remember, the fumigator will need access to every part of the house. Make sure they either have the keys, or have someone available to let them in. It is the fumigator that will declare the house safe for re-entry after the treatment.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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