Preserve Your Food Longer With Help From Freezers Ephrata PA

People spend a great deal of money on food. They also spend quite a bit on different ways to store it. At one time, our common methods of food storage included drying, canning and numerous other processes of preservation, all with varying success. As technology increased, we developed methods of cold storage that improved our success at preserving foods and avoiding disease caused by consuming tainted food. Two of these common tools are the refrigerator and freezer. These household items both evolved from a common ancestor, the ice box. This early method of keeping food used large blocks of ice to keep food fresher a little longer. Sadly, it was messy and a bit difficult to maintain.

Modern freezers come in a variety of types. Home versions are usually cabinets or a part of the refrigerator itself. Business versions are typically a walk in room designed specifically for this purpose although smaller commercial versions are available. Of the household varieties you can get both chest type Freezers in Ephrata PA and upright versions. Their sizes can range from around ten cubic feet to twenty or more. Although many people may recall the chest style freezer from their youth, the more commonly purchased variety seems to be the upright freezer because it consumes less space.

As freezers evolve to meet the demands of changing kitchens, their shapes have changed as well. The common upright freezer was once very similar in appearance to the refrigerator. This was mainly to allow the homeowner to install them side by side if the kitchen allowed it and to at least not look out of place in an average kitchen. The more evolved kitchens of today have the advantage of slim built Freezers Ephrata PA, some with a width of eighteen inches or less. This size allows for a variety of design options. An alternative to these are the freezers that can be built into your cabinets. By including them in the design this way kitchen designers can make your appliances nearly invisible. To discover more of the appliance options available at companies like JB Zimmerman you can visit their available websites.

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