Price Comparison With Bloomington Countertops

For many people, making the choice in materials for renovations comes down to two different factors. One factor is the look or aesthetics of the material in the kitchen or bathroom, particularly with countertop options, with the other factor being the price.

Unfortunately, just looking at the price of countertops for a renovation for a home in Bloomington often limits the ability to get the look the homeowner wants. The big issue with just looking at price is the limited reference this provides as to the long-term cost of choosing a specific material or option.

To help understand the differences, a closer look the time, money and replacement of different countertop materials will also need to be factored in when considering the initial cost per square foot or complete renovation project.

Tile and Laminate

Tile is a moderate priced option for countertops, but this will vary based on the quality and type of tile selected. Tile can easily chip, crack or even discolor and there is the need to grout between tiles. Grout can be particularly difficult to keep clean and, if not properly sealed, can easily stain.

Laminate is the lowest cost option, but it can easily lift and can be damaged with heavy use. Most laminates will need to be replaced at some point in time, particularly if water gets into joins in the surface of large counter areas.


Wood countertops are not as popular as they were in the past. They offer a rustic or sophisticated look at mid to higher price range for quality craftsmanship and wood selection. As a soft material, wood can be easily damaged by hot items or by extensive use if not properly coated. Wood can warp and lift if not installed correctly or if moisture accumulates under the installation

Natural Stone

While natural stone is the most expensive material for counters, it is also the single option that is a lifetime investment. When properly installed and sealed, these counters will never need to be replaced and, with just minor maintenance, they will retain their natural beauty and shine.

Keep in mind, granite, marble, and quartz counters are also a value-added feature for a Bloomington home. This will be an important point should you plan to sell in the future.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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