Protect the Foundation of Your Home With the Correct Basement Repair in Maryland

Many of the homes in the state of Maryland are built on basement foundations. These turn out to be excellent places for extra storage or household appliances such as freezers, washing machines or clothes dryers. Unfortunately, over time a basement can develop water problems that are difficult to deal with or bowed and cracked walls that threaten to ruin the foundation of the home and require immediate Basement repair in Maryland.

Basement walls can bow and crack for a number of reasons. Most of these are external forces like shifting of the soils or unexpected water retention placing excess strain of the concrete. Cinder block or brick walls can fail if the mortar between them weakens and the external pressure begins to push the walls inwards. The repairs for these problems fall in several categories depending on the severity of the problem. For example, a severely bowed wall will require removal of the exterior dirt and the ability to push the wall back into place. If the bow is too bad the contractor may need to remove a section and rebuild a portion of the wall. At this point the wall can be reinforced with steel or carbon fiber products for stabilization.

Water problems are a different kind of beast. To solve the leaks you first need to find the cause. Many leaks stem from excess moisture in the ground soil or water that gets trapped around the basement walls. Some of these problems can be quickly repaired with quality waterproofing products. However, it is a great idea to locate the source of the moisture before you make too many decisions. Sometimes these things are easy to discover with a few questions. For example, does the water suddenly return after recent rain? Can you see it even after a little rainfall? Just as important are where the water accumulates. Seepage on one wall could indicate excess moisture retention on that side of the home. It might also indicate runoff being channeled along that portion of the building.

Whether it’s bowed walls, cracked or chipping mortar or simply water leaking into your home, Basement repair in Maryland can be a challenging fix. Thankfully, experienced contractors like Keystone Foundation Repair, Inc. are available to resolve these problems. Reinforcing basement walls takes skill and patience and applying concrete sealers can be a dangerous job for the ill equipped homeowner.

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