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The first day you officially move onto campus you’re going to know you’ve started the next phase of your life. For the first time ever, you’re out from under the constant, watchful eye of your parents, and you’ll be responsible for yourself. You’ll have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, provided you attend your classes and maintain a decent grade point average.

One of the things many students don’t think about when they start going to school is their personal safety. University campuses are huge. Most of the people you come into contact with are good people, but just like with any other large group of individuals, you will occasionally run into a bad egg.

You have to be smart while walking around campus. Is a place doesn’t look desirable, or you see a group of suspicious looking people, you should avoid them. If you’re gut tells you to remove yourself from a situation, you need to listen.

If you’re at the lab or library late at night you shouldn’t try walking home. There’s too many chances of you getting mugged or attacked. Instead of walking across campus, take a taxi or make arrangements for a friend to pick you up.

While it’s okay to trust people, you need to be realistic. Don’t trust everyone. Don’t let someone borrow your computer, or wear your expensive earrings, or use your iPod. Keep your valuables to yourself. Not only will you not have to worry about losing them, but you also won’t have to worry about the lost or damaged item breaking up a good friendship.

Dorms aren’t always as safe as students would like to believe them to be. Campuses have tried to do everything they can to make the rooms as safe as possible, but you should be able to use university facility security systems to increase your safety. Before you rush out and start evaluating various university facility security systems you should talk to the person in charge of your dorm and find out what they will and won’t allow. While it’s unlikely that they will object to any university facility security systems that use cameras to make sure no one takes off with your personal belongings, you can expect them to object to any university facility security systems that will make it difficult for campus security to access your room.

If you have a roommate, you need to consult with them about any university facility security systems you plan to set up. They share the same living space, and need to be comfortable with any security measures you take. During the discussion, you might even find they’re willing to split the cost of the system with you.

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