PVC Shrink Capsules Offer Flexibility

There are many ways to seal and cap your wines, including using tin, foil and polylaminate capsules. Increasingly, however, winemakers are opting for PVC shrink capsules for their products. This is primarily due to the flexibility and affordability of PVC capsules.

PVC shrink capsules are comprised of a PVC skirt and an aluminum or clear top disc. These are sturdy options that stand up well to distribution and shelving.

PVC shrink capsules are an affordable alternative, as well. These capsules often cost significantly less than other alternatives, while being just as good for capsuling as other options.

PVC shrink capsules are also popular because these offer more flexibility in artwork than other capsules. These are available in many colors, and adaptable to many styles of artwork. You can also choose PVC shrink capsules with tear tapes to make opening easy for customers. PVC shrink capsules are the most environmentally friendly capsules, as well.

The right vendor can help you choose the best wine capsules for your products. There are so many options available, each with different features and price points.

Your capsules are an integral part of your packaging design, and really help pull the look of your bottle together, when properly coordinated with your label. Your capsule can give your product an extra special look, or just help to balance the color scheme of the other artwork.

With the expertise of designers at your wine capsule vendor, you can make your capsules especially unique. However, you can also, opt for stock capsules if you want a simple, clean and more generic look that will work well with multiple labels.

Finding the right wine capsules is easy for your business. With so many options, like specialty PVC shrink capsules and other choices, what might be difficult is making your choice.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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