Quick & Helpful Tips for Kitchen Remodelling Charleston SC

Starting a kitchen remodeling Charleston SC project has many advantages that cannot be ignored. You will be making your lifestyle easier, adding value to your home and of course getting that space that you have always dreamed of. The first step is usually to start with quality materials. For example, quality hinges and drawer slides mean that your new drawers and cabinets will last longer, and won’t stick. Also when choosing the interiors of your cabinets, wood veneer tends to be a much better option than laminate, particleboard, MDF and melamine as it is more durable. Browse website for more information.

Another great tip for remodeling your kitchen is to make a choice between paint and stain. Most homeowners prefer brush painted cabinets as they tend to be more unique and are easily customizable to fit the rest of the decor. Stained cabinets are also a good option, but the finishes tend to age quicker and cannot be altered easily should you change your mind along the way.

Next, you want to select a good, preferably elegant countertop. The good news is that there are virtually endless possibilities here, and it is all down to personal preference. Some of the preferred options include honed Kirkstone slate, White Carrara marble, plastic laminate with wood edge, Wairton limestone and soap stone. All these are great and elegant options that are also durable in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. While still on this point, think about installing an island that will work for your kitchen. Choose an airy, open design over a bulky cube smack in the centre of the kitchen. It should preferably be devoid of appliances, but you can still have your cook-top, dishwasher or sink as long as you make it as neat as possible.

Lastly, don’t go crazy with the details. The main point is to keep your kitchen in sync with the rest of the house decor. Therefore, plaster mouldings on cabinets and pediments over stoves are most times unnecessary if not excessive. Brink Home Improvement has been in the business long enough to offer additional professional advice on your kitchen remodeling project. Our expertise will come in handy to get the job done perfectly, taking on your ideas to give you exactly the kind of kitchen that you envision.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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