Reasons for Choosing to Use Mini Implants in Chandler

Dental implants were one of the biggest innovations in modern dentistry. Prior to implants, a patient who lost a tooth had to consider a bridge to fill the hole along their gum line. This meant that the two adjacent teeth needed to be fitted with expensive porcelain crowns. Even if they were healthy and strong teeth, they were ground down to accommodate a permanent bridge. Today those teeth can be left intact. A dental implant, often made of titanium, is screwed into a patient’s jaw and then a porcelain crown is attached to it. Dental implants can be expensive, but the new Mini Implants dentists in Chandler are using can reduce the cost buy up to 50 percent.

A dental implant is usually about 4 to 5 millimeters wide or up to .196 inches. That means that the dental patient’s jaw has to accommodate a titanium screw that wide. Some older dental patients have jaws that can’t support a dental implant because the the jaw bone has degraded. Other patients just don’t need that big of an implant. That’s when the Mini Implants Chandler dentists use can be helpful. Mini implants are only 3 millimeters or just .118 inches wide.

There are two reasons that mini implants are cheaper. First they use less titanium, which is a very expensive metal. Second, the implant procedure for Mini Implants Chandler dentists perform is far less invasive than that used for a larger implant. It is performed under local anesthetic and the recovery is faster and easier. Older dental patients benefit from a less traumatic dental procedure.

They also benefit from being able to eat more easily and chew better. The elderly often find dentures uncomfortable and eating food with them is difficult. Helping older people to eat nutritious meals more easily ensures that they will have the strongest and healthiest bodies possible. While dentistry is important to a person’s overall physical health, it is also important to a person’s spirit. Many people who have missing teeth are self-conscious. They become shy and withdrawn. They may also have a hard time finding work because they don’t fit an employer’s image of what their workers should look like. Cheaper dental implants help many people have smiles and normal lives.

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