Reasons for Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Wichita, KS

If you have been stopped for a DUI, also known as Driving Under the Influence, then you are probably confused and not sure where to turn. The first thing you will need to do, after you make bail of course, is hire a DUI Lawyer in Wichita, KS. Many people feel that hiring a DUI Lawyer in Wichita, KS is not a smart move, and a waste of time and money, when they are just going to be found guilty to begin with. This isn’t true in many cases, and you can find out what those cases might be below.

In many cases, hiring a DUI lawyer can help you to get a plea bargain in your case. You need to know that any DUI will result in hefty fines, the suspension of your license, and quite possibly prison time, if it isn’t your first offense. Even when you get your license back, you will have to pay very high insurance premiums for a time.

A DUI attorney can help you to keep your license, at least to drive back and forth to work, and the grocery store. This doesn’t mean that you can drive anywhere you want, and it’s not a guarantee that your attorney will be able to get one granted for you. However, if you don’t have an attorney you will never know.

There are some instances where faulty equipment was used, or the officer administering the test wasn’t properly trained, that can get a DUI charge thrown out of court. You need an attorney to see if any of these things are true in your case. If you think that you have been wrongly accused, then you will certainly want a reputable DUI attorney in your corner. You don’t have to have a DUI attorney go to court with you, however it is recommended, so that you can get the justice that you hope to obtain. If you have been charged with a DUI and feel that you need help, you can Click Here for more information and help from the attorneys that care. A free consultation can’t hurt your case, and it might just help.


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