Reasons Homeowners Choose Window Repair in St. Louis MO Instead of Full Replacement

When a problem with a window develops in a residential setting, the property owners may have to decide between Window Repair in St. Louis MO and full replacement. Not all issues with windows can be fixed without at least replacing all the glass, but the frame may be left in place if it is still in good working condition.

Cracked Glass

Full replacement is desirable if the homeowners have already been thinking about some changes they’d like to make. Consider a flat picture window that becomes cracked through small earth shifting and settling over many years. The customers now might hire a contractor to replace that window with a bay or bow window. If the structure of the home allows for it, some carpentry could be done to enlarge the space and install a bigger window to bring in more natural light.

However, many homeowners are not ready to spring for the extra cost of this kind of project. They prefer Window Repair in St. Louis MO and simply ask for the glass to be replaced. They’re happy enough with the existing window.

Fog Between Panes

Fog developing between double-glazed windows is another problem that can be resolved with glass replacement. This issue occurs when the insulating gas between the panes is lost because the seal fails. If the frames are still in good condition, the old glass can be removed and a new product installed. The gas cannot be replaced in the old windows.

Interior Condensation

Glass replacement also can be the solution to windows that develop condensation on the inside during very cold weather. This is common with very old windows that were not manufactured to today’s energy efficiency standards. In some instances, however, wood frames have deteriorated enough that that equipment is part of the problem.

If the homeowners decide they want to have the glass replaced and keep the same frame, the work can be done by a company such as A.M. Richards Glass Co. This is a budget-friendly decision that can still boost energy efficiency in the home. More information on this particular organization can be seen at visit us website.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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