Recognizing Your Furnace

When winter winds begin to blow, furnace repair in Madison begins to pick up. Sometimes, it is as simple as replacing a pilot light on an older furnace. At other times, the furnace is beyond repair. It does not require maintenance. What it needs is to be replaced. Whenever any of the above occurs, you need to be fully aware of what type of furnace you have and what furnace repair and/or replacement will require.

Types of Heating Systems

A furnace is a heating system. They come in different types. Some have varied names. Yet, they all have the same purpose – they are made to heat your residence, office or business. The basic types of furnaces you may find in your home are:

  • The Traditional Furnace: It operates on different fuels depending upon the make and the manufacturer. The fuels are not inter changeable and the cost for operating one varies according to the price of the energy source. It is important for you to be able to tell a furnace repair person whether the fuel is coal, gas, electricity or wood.

  • Electric Heat Pump: The power for this device is electricity. The pump draws outside air indoors, warms it and circulates it using vents throughout the home. An electric heat pump can do double duty during the summer time. It then becomes an air conditioner.

  • Radiant Baseboard Heaters: These are appliances that run along the baseboards, usually beneath a window. The energy source is electricity. Each unit is separate and features its own adjustable controls. They usually do not have temperature controls measured in degrees but run from low to high.

  • Steam or Hot Water Radiator (Hydronic Heat): The older systems are large, pieces of metal pipe in which steam or water circulates to heat up the room. The control device is inscribed with marks from low to high.

Talk to the Expert

No matter how you heat your home, you will eventually require the help of a professional. Furnaces have a set life. They require annual maintenance. If you want to ensure any furnace repair or maintenance is handled correctly, you will need to hire an experienced specialist in furnaces and heating like East River Energy. For annual maintenance and repair work, do not wait until the last minute. Talk to several companies before you decide who to go with.

Never, ever leave it until the last minute. Maintenance and furnace repair in Madison, when done in advance is the best way of making sure you and your family are toasty warm during those long, cold, winter months. Visit the website to know more.

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