Regaining Your Sobriety With Rockland County Addiction Services

You did not become addicted to drugs or alcohol overnight. You underwent a subconscious process to numb your thinking and emotions with illicit substances. You progressively worked yourself toward a state of dependence on them.

Because you did not instantly become an addict, you likewise cannot expect to regain sobriety in a matter of hours or days. When you enter a program designed for a rehab addict in Rockland County, NY, therapists and doctors can help you work steadily and effectively toward the goal of becoming sober again.

Healing Your Body

Upon checking into a program for a rehab addict in Rockland County, NY, patients will often first get a thorough physical examination. Your medical exam will determine if you suffer from any illnesses that could impede your recovery. Your doctors and nurses can treat a host of conditions like anemia and hepatitis while you are in rehab.

You also will be given a nutritious diet during the time that you are in the rehab program. Your medical team will make sure that you eat from all four food groups and stay away from excess sugar and fat. Your diet will be important to your overall healing.

Treating Your Psyche

You also will undergo extensive psychological services during the time that you are in rehab. You can anticipate going through individual therapy with a licensed clinical psychologist. Your individual sessions will help you identify what your substance abuse triggers are and how to cope with them effectively.

You also will take part in group therapy sessions. These sessions will help you create a support network of peers and also gain insight and empathy for your own abuse struggles.

You can find out more about rehab for addicts online. Contact the Tolstoy Foundation Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to get more information.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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