Remember Elegance With A Garden Wedding In New Lenox IL

Spring and summer are natural times for weddings. Brides and grooms also love the idea of getting married in the warm of a summer’s day surrounded by all of their loved ones. The warm weather months are filled with flowers that naturally add to the beauty of any wedding ceremony and reception.

A Garden Wedding in New Lenox IL can be planned with any type of theme. This allows wedding planners the creativity to make sure a single theme is repeated within all of the necessary elements. The first thing to look for is how to imaginatively merge a theme into the catering menu.

For some couples, it may mean a formal sit down dinner, and tables with romantic candlelit centerpieces. On the other hand, a wedding could be planned with a more casual tone. Guests can choose what they like from a buffet table, with a menu that features western foods and country inspired favorites.
Outdoor seating is always something that party guests enjoy. They are allowed to have the best of both worlds, with a dance floor outside for them to enjoy the music. Should the weather become uncooperative at any time, the party can be brought indoors on a rainy afternoon.

Planning a Garden Wedding in New Lenox IL at The Odyssey Country Club is easy on a variety of budgets. Families just need to decide how many people they would like to invite and how intricate the menu offerings should be. Sometimes simply substituting a certain menu item for another is an effective way to lower the cost of food. The same can be accomplished by selecting less exotic flowers for something that is grown locally or is plentiful in the flower market.

Working with experienced wedding planners is one way to come up with new ideas. They usually keep a gallery of weddings that they have worked on in the past, filled with photographs and sample menus. Not only can these events inspire future receptions, but every wedding can be customized to fit the individual couple and their personal tastes. For more information, visit the web pages of domain URL. This website contains photographs and descriptions of weddings, corporate parties and events of all types.

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