Renovate the Pool with Resurfacing in Long Island NY

Repairs, renovations, and upgrades can prolong the life of the pool and increase the enjoyment of it for the family. A liner replacement for an in-ground pool, for example, can change the look of the pool with a stunning pattern or color scheme. It can also eliminate any small cracks or worn out spots that were present in the original liner.

Resurfacing in Long Island NY is done with shotcrete, which is concrete that is poured with a hose. The method allows for creative shapes and forms. It is also cost-effective and fast. The process can even out the bottom, smooth out any edges that have developed, and update the look with a wide variety of finish options. The cost is much lower than having a whole new pool installed.


The costs of Resurfacing in Long Island NY varies depending on the size of the pool, the shape, and the degree of deterioration to the original surface. Other aspects, such as adding built-in seating, or a new set of stairs, will also effect the pricing. On average, resurfacing costs only a few dollars per square foot. Experienced companies, such as Sky Blue Pools, will offer free estimates for the project.

Changing Needs

The needs and desires of a family change over time, and resurfacing is an ideal solution to accommodate the family. The pool may have had many steps at the entrance for little feet to navigate down or sit. A regular set of steps may be more appropriate now.

Aging parents may want to simply relax in the pool. A wider ledge or contoured seats can be added to the pool. The pool may have had a bright color to it to appeal to young children. A more luxurious or demur finish may be desired.


Upgrading the equipment or adding features can increase the usage of the pool. Filter upgrades can make the pool healthier. Removing more particles can reduce skin irritation, dry skin, or allergy symptoms. Installing a heater will extend the pool season by a few weeks or a month or two, depending on the local climate.

Upgrades, repairs, and renovations are offered for both residential and commercial customers. Maintenance services are available as well. Spend more time enjoying the pool and less time taking care of it.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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