Replacement windows in Edinburgh

Replacement windows in Edinburgh are one of those odd home improvement items which really do not live up to its name. Replacement windows to the renovation contractor means that the original glass is replaced as is the original hardware, but the frame stays in place. It is very difficult to actually replace a window, meaning tearing out the frame as well.

Even though it may be difficult, there are times when a complete replacement, frame and all, is made. If you have a window which has rotted past the point of rehabilitation then a window manufactured for new construction would be used. If the old window was rotten, there is a good chance that the structure used to hold the window in place will need replacing as well.

There are many homes that have had double glazing for some years and all of a sudden there is a sharp increase in the heating bill. There is no reason to panic and pull all their windows Edinburgh out and have them replaced. Over the years the seal between the two panes of glass can fail and if this is the case, heat can move easier from the house, through the panes to the outside. If this is the case, replacing just the double glazed window units is simple and certainly less expensive and time consuming than replacing the entire unit, frame and all.

Replacing windows is not considered to be a DIY project. People who install windows in Edinburgh day in and day out have the skills and speciality tools to do the job right; furthermore they can do the job in minutes, whereas you may take hours and still not have a quality installation.

Selling replacement double glazing has become an unsavoury business for some. There are many reputable suppliers, unfortunately there are just as many unsavoury characters selling product which is not up to the task. When you need to get replacement windows, make sure you ask four or five companies to bid on your job and while the quotes are being prepared, attempt to educate yourself as much as possible on double glazing so that you can ask the right questions and know if the answers are what they should be.


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