Replacing Or Repairing A Stud Gun Welder

Making the choice to repair or replace a stud gun welder system is often a dilemma for many companies and even for many welders that own their own equipment. The natural instinct tends to be to try to repair and made do for as long as possible. In some cases that is the right decision, but in others, it may end up costing a lot of time and money.

When to Repair

There are two different types of stud gun welder systems available, those being the systems that are purchased as separate components and those that come as a complete system that includes the hand-held welder, the cables, and the power source as a system.

When working with the systems that allow the operator to interchange the hand held or fixed mount tool, the cables and the power source, repairs may be as easy as just replacing one of the components of the system. Typically, this will include replacing or repairing cables and the welding tool.
For full systems, repairs may be more costly and, as the entire system has to go for the repair, it can leave you without equipment to get the job done.

When to Replace

As with any type of tool, technology has added features, functions, and controls that were not possible with older models and systems. With an older stud gun welder, it may be time to upgrade to something that offers greater operator control for higher levels of efficiency as well greater control to allow for adjustments based on stud welding requirements.

Making the decision to replace or repair should also include a consideration as to the actual life cycle of the equipment and if the amount of the repair will offset the cost of buying new. Taking into consideration the type of work required of the stud welder will be another factor that will help you to make the decision.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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