Safe and Energy-Efficient Swimming Pools Kansas City Homeowners Will Love

Your swimming pool can provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. Having a pool is also a huge responsibility and can be quite expensive if you don’t take steps to improve your pool’s energy-efficiency.

A privacy fence around your yard may keep wandering animals away from your pool but it is also important to keep neighbors and children safe when you are not there to supervise. By covering their Swimming Pools Kansas City homeowners can be good neighbors. An uncovered, unattended pool is not safe for children or pets. A pool cover is one of the best ways to keep unwelcome guests and unsupervised children from being injured in your swimming pool. Most pool covers are designed to safely hold more than one adult who stumbles onto the covered pool area.

In addition to the safety features of a pool cover, by keeping a cover on their swimming pools Kansas City residents can save valuable time. A cover will keep leaves and other debris out of your swimming pool. With less time spent skimming leaves and twigs out of your pool, you can spend more time enjoying it.With the cover in place when the pool isn’t in use, the water doesn’t get as dirty and your filter won’t have to work as hard. Pool covers also reduce evaporation, which can save a homeowner money by reducing the cost of adding water and chemicals to an uncovered pool.

If you use a water heater, a cover can help reduce its workload by keeping your pool at a constant temperature overnight. You may even be able to extend your swimming season by covering your pool at night to ensure that it is warmer in the morning. A pool cover may also absorb solar energy which can make your water warmer than when you covered it.

Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs creates award-winning custom designed pools with unique landscape and tile combinations to turn your lawn into a backyard oasis. They have the knowledge and experience to not only design and create Swimming Pools Kansas City homeowners love, but to maintain and repair them.

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