Same Day Crowns and Other Dental Procedures

Everyone ought to have a healthy, nice looking smile. However, there are some folks have teeth that are so bad that they rarely show their teeth when they smile. It may be fear that keeps folks away from the dentist or it may be financial. Most dentists can set you up with financing and an easy payment plan for any work done on your teeth. Also if fear and pain are keeping you away, you should understand that advances in dental technology over the past few years have virtually eliminated any pain you may feel during a dental procedure.

On your initial visit to the dentist, you will receive an oral exam to assess the general condition of the teeth. You will also need a complete set of dental x-rays, and these can be taken right there in the exam room.

The dentist evaluates the x-rays before telling you the types of dental work needed. A thorough teeth cleaning is almost always required. This will remove the mineralized plaque or tartar that is known to develop on the teeth. This professional cleaning could include polishing, scaling, and debridement of your teeth. A dental cleaning is recommended every six months to help prevent cavities, tartar build-up and gum disease.

All licensed dentists can perform many different types of dental work such as fillings and Same Day Crowns. A simple cavity is typically taken care of with a filling. If the tooth is sensitive, the dentist will numb the area before drilling a hole into the cavity.

This prepares the cavity for the composite filling material. This white or silver composite material will seal the tooth in order to prevent the cavity from growing. You will no longer have any sensitivity or pain in the area when the procedure is finished.

A good dentist will use crowns or caps for broken or decayed teeth. For this procedure, the dentist will use local anesthesia so the patient feels no pain. Then the dentist grinds down the problem tooth so he will have a properly prepared surface for the crown. After a root canal, crowns are often required if the tooth is decayed completely down to the roots. A number of dentists provide for Same Day Crowns. One of those dentists is Petreikis L D DDS. You can visit his website for more information.

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