Save your Record with a DUI Lawyer in Atlanta

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Law

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A DUI seems like a small offense but its penalties are very dire and for obvious reasons. No one wants to set a drunken person loose on the streets driving like a maniac and risking other people’s lives.

If you are caught in such a situation in Atlanta you should try to find a DUI lawyer in Atlanta even though that is not where you are from. This is where the case will be mentioned so you need someone who knows how the system in this area works.

Why you need a DUI lawyer

If you choose to defend yourself remember the things that are on the line. You run the risk of losing your driver’s license, jail time, very high fines, you can lose your car to the state depending on where you are and if you get convicted, your insurance premiums will go higher and remain high for a while, even a couple of years.

What to look for

That said, you should be careful which lawyer you settle for. Just because a lawyer says they can handle it does not mean that they have enough experience. It may seem like a simple scenario to handle but laws keep changing. Traffic laws and DUI laws keep mutating so the lawyer needs to have handled many DUI cases in the recent past so as to ensure that they are up to date.

You should also do some research of your own about DUI Statutes in that area. The internet is a great place to start. This way, you will know the extent of damage that could be done and the possible avenues that you could take. Find out whether you could be facing a jail term and for how long, whether your license can be suspended and for how long and whether there is the option of a pre-trial diversionary program.

This information will help you ask the important questions to the lawyer. Their response to your questions will help you decide whether they indeed know their DUI laws or it is just a cover-up.

If you find a DUI lawyer in Atlanta that insists on you fighting the charges instead of taking the pre-trial diversionary program you should think twice about that one. They normally charge more money to handle a trial so their reasons for such advice may not really be in your best interests.

Conduct a proper search and use your instincts. This will make a big difference and hopefully eliminate the chance of having a criminal record.

Take some time on and find great lawyers to handle your civil rights cases, personal injury cases and when you need a criminal defense lawyer.

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