Saving Money on Your Concession Stand Inventory

A concession stand can be a lucrative business to operate. Like most businesses, the goal of running a concession stand is to buy the inventory you need at low prices. You then sell the inventory at prices that are marked high enough in order to make a profit.

To avoid going into the red or even breaking even with your sales, you need to find a place that will sell you what you need without draining your cash flow. You can get bargain prices on everything from popcorn to cotton candy machine supplies by doing business with an online concession wholesaler today.

Keeping the expenses low for your cotton candy machine supplies and other inventory can be difficult to do when you shop at a local wholesaler or members-only club. These businesses have to pass on the cost of shipping to you in order to make a profit. The prices they mark their inventory up to could take away from your profit margin and leave you with very few ways to actually make money on your concessions.

When you are running this business as a full-time gig, the inability to make money could put a dent in the way you take care of your family. You may not have money left to pay bills with or buy groceries. You also are forced to consider raising your prices, which could drive away paying customers to your competition.

An online wholesaler typically does not have to worry about shipping costs and instead acts as a middle man between you and the distributor of the products. Shipping costs if any are usually negligible considering the low prices you pay online anyway. You may only need to hike your prices by pennies, which may not even be noticed by the customers who come to your stand.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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