Schedule Smarter with Work Order Tracking Software

In the service industry, you’re only as good as your last interface with customers. Show up on time, deliver courteous and expedient service and more on promptly to the next customer and your reputation is likely to build. The problem is making it all happen. This is where work order tracking software can help you schedule smarter to build your status as a first-class provider.

What is Work Order Tracking?

Technically, there are a lot of work order tracking software packages out there that enable one form or another of keeping up with jobs. Some packages, however, just go above and beyond in the ease of use and the details they track to enable you to carefully set your schedule to deliver customer satisfaction.

If your business depends on making good impressions, these features can all matter when it comes to tracking work orders:


  • Job clocks – This feature enables workers in the field to clock in at a jobsite and provide an estimate of how long a project will take. It also enables you to clearly see when that person might be available for the next call so scheduling makes sense based on real-time data.


  • Geolocation – This enables you to clearly see where fleet vehicles are while tracking employees via a job clock. That way if a new call comes in, you can easily select the closest, available field worker to serve customer needs. This results in smarter deployment and faster service for customers.


  • Customer data – In order to properly serve customers, field employees need to have all their information entered in one place, including past service calls. Quotes and estimate for the current job are also critical. This is where well-rounded work order tracking software can really come into play.
  • Customer alerts – Whether a job is running on time or not, customers like to be kept up to date. Good software packages make it simple to send SMS alerts directly to customers with pertinent information, such as anticipated arrival time, project updates and so on.

Work order tracking software keeps everyone in the know about job progress. It enables better management of time and customer expectations, which can help with building that all-important reputation.

Work order tracking software helps your company shine. Find out more by visiting our website. View our more Features.

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