Screen Doors – A Great Addition For Any Home

Screen doors provided much needed circulation in the home. You can use screen doors to reduce your energy bills and help keep your home insect free. Here are just a few of the reason a screen door is the perfect addition to any home:

  • Circulation: Having a screen door installed for both the front and back of your home allows you to catch a much needed cross breeze to circulate stale air. Fresh air will help with issues such as allergies as well as keep your home free from odours caused by cooking, pets and other common issues.
  • Energy Reduction: Australians use plenty of energy keeping their homes cool in the summer months. If your home is a drain on your energy bills adding screen doors to your home will allow you to use outdoor air to help keep the pervasive heat to a minimum. When you have screen doors in hand with the windows in your home you can really keep a lovely breeze in the rooms in your home and save the air conditioning for the truly hot days or when it becomes too sticky to sleep.
  • Uninterrupted Views: Screen doors are also a nice way to get views outside your home. If you have a heavy back or front door that looks out onto a lovely street or garden you will be able to open your door and see what is happening outside. A glass door replacement can be quite costly. However having a screen door installed is quite affordable and will allow you to have access to pretty views when the weather is fair.
  • Protection: Having a screen door can also provide added protection to your front door. You will have less debris blowing against it during stormy weather as well as less wear and paint fade from the sun.
  • Insect Protection: You will be able to have your doors open and keep insects outside.
  • Added Security: A well made screen door can also add further discouragement from break-ins as it is one more door they have to get through.
  • Design Options: A new screen door can provide your home with an instant update to your entry. If your door is looking a little worse for wear you can add a screen door in a custom colour to make it look a little more up to date.

As you can see there are many benefits to installing screen doors for your home.

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