See Your Dentist for Healthy Teeth and Beautiful Smile

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Dentistry

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Young and old, a healthy smile starts with good dental care. So whether you need your semi-annual cleaning or more extensive dental work such as fillings, root canals, crowns, bridge, or complete dentures, caring for your teeth and your gums is our business. Your teeth are on the move and we are here to make sure that they stay healthy, strong, and stable. Yes, your teeth do move which is why we also like to keep on top of it with regular x rays and full examinations. A thorough look into your mouth, including evaluation of your gums and tongue are also key to your overall health. A dentist can be the first to spot other health issues within your body because signs show up in your mouth.

The dental group Hawaii are taking new patients of all ages. Start your family in the right direction to a long and lasting healthy smile. Before your children show signs of their first teeth, your dentist or dental technician will suggest ways to support healthy growth. Your child’s baby teeth need to be with them until the emergence of their permanent teeth. Paving the way to a strong and beautiful smile and possibly reducing the need for orthodontia work, your dentist will provide guidance to promote both sets of your child’s teeth.

Though baby teeth don’t last forever, you will want your permanent teeth for life. Keeping up with regular dental check ups, getting additional corrective procedures, and receiving dental care guidance over time helps promote the retention of your teeth. You will receive expert and thoughtful dental care at the dental group Hawaii. We treat patients with loving hands. No one should be afraid to go to the dentist or get the dental treatment they need.

If your teeth have given way to time and poor dental hygiene, we are here to straighten that out. Bridges and full dentures need to be made with precision to fit comfortably and safely in your mouth. Just like natural teeth, they need care to not cause harm to your gums or create other medical problems. Come see our professionals for a full evaluation today.

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