Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Long Island for Periodontal Reasons

Periodontal diseases are usually slow, chronic and progressive, with very little pain or none at all. This lack of signs and symptoms often masks the presence of an oral disease until serious damage occurs. However, there are some periodontal inflammatory processes of an acute type that are characterized by pain. Odontogenic abscesses include a large group of acute infections that originate in the teeth or periodontal regions and are the main causes for patients to see their local Emergency dentist in Long Island.

A periodontal abscess is an infection and has consequent localized purulent inflammation of periodontal tissues and is the most common clinical finding in patients with moderate or advanced periodontitis. Periodontal abscesses have been recognized as distinct clinical entities from the late nineteenth century. A periodontal abscess is an acute, destructive periodontal issue, resulting in localized collections of purulent content that sits in the oral cavity. Chronic periodontal abscesses cannot be distinguished from the lesions of chronic periodontitis, even when there is a fistula.

When an abscess is limited to the marginal gingiva it is called a gingival abscess. Depending on their origin, odontogenic abscesses are defined as endodontic or periapical abscesses, periodontal abscesses or peri-coronal abscesses. Among odontogenic abscesses, dentoalveolar abscesses are the most common acute pathology, followed by pericoronitis and periodontal abscesses. They can affect periodontal abscesses presenting different medical conditions, always causing a challenge in terms of diagnosis, etiology and treatment of the patient.

Among all dental conditions requiring emergency treatment, periodontal abscesses represent 8-14% of the total. In the United States, 13.5% of patients receiving active treatment have experienced periodontal abscess formation while non-treated patients had a higher figure: 59.7%. Abscesses often occur in the molar areas and these teeth represent over 50% of abscess formation cases.

The appearance of periodontal abscesses may be important not only for its relatively high prevalence, but also how this acute infection may influence the prognosis of the affected tooth. As abscesses sometimes form during periodontal maintenance therapy in periodontal pockets and reduced residual teeth with periodontal support, additional periodontal destruction that occurs during the development of the abscess may require tooth extraction. If you are in pain, seek care from your local emergency dentist in Long Island today.

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