Seek Treatment From the Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX After Your Pet’s Accident

No one wants to think about their precious pet being hit by a car, but sadly, many pets are injured each and every day. Even with careful care of your pet, accidents can happen that put them in danger of being injured by a car. If your pet has been hit by a car, it is crucial they receive treatment right away. Even if your pet seems unscathed by the accident, you should still have him or her checked, since internal injuries do not always present outward signs right away. By having your pet checked at the Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX, you can rest assured his or her health is in good hands.

What Should You Do After Your Pet Has Been Hit By a Car?

Be careful in moving your pet. You could cause further injuries. It is important you take special care in moving your pet. You should wrap him or her in a warm blanket, even in the summer months, as shock can set in and cause the body temperature to rapidly drop. If you suspect broken bones, be very careful in handling your pet and try to secure him or her, so as little movement as possible occurs.

Comfort your pet as much as possible, by speaking in soothing tones. If possible, you should hold your pet on the way to the Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX. This can often help to prevent further stress from occurring so your pet feels as comfortable as possible. This can also lower the heart rate and help to slow any bleeding.

Get your pet to the vet right away, no matter how minor the injuries may seem. Your vet can examine your pet, through physical examination and X-ray imaging, so any injuries can be found and promptly treated. The sooner your pet receives medical treatment, the better the chances will be of a complete recovery.

If your pet is hit by a car, following these tips can be beneficial for your pet’s health. Contact Greatwood Veterinary Hospital right away and allow them to treat your pet, so a recovery can be experienced.

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