Selecting the best attorney for workers compensation cases

In the event of a work related injury, a worker’s compensation attorney in Rockford IL will be engaged to represent the injured party, the employer or the insurance company. When it appears prudent to hire an attorney, choosing the right one for the situation is very important. There are a number of factors that have to be taken into account, such as which party the attorney will represent and what is the fee arrangement. Other areas that may come into play is the years of experience handling similar cases, how the attorney relates to clients and how he or she may be regarded by past clients and other attorneys in the field.

Although there are three separate entities involved in the case, many law firms focus on representing the injured party, the employer or the insurance company. It is unethical for the same attorney to represent both the employee and the employer in the case but it is not unusual for the same attorney to represent the employer and the employer’s insurance companies as they both have the same concerns. A workers compensation attorney in Rockford IL that represents the injured party, the employee, is more evident than those who may represent the employer. The insurance companies usually retain their own battery of lawyers.

A potential client must ask to see the retainer agreement, the attorney will usually go through this agreement with the client and explain how much money the attorney can charge in the event they win the case; this amount is set by law. The attorney is justified in collecting a fee whether the case goes to court or not, as well as the fee, any out of pocket expenses can also be billed back to the client.

As worker’s compensation cases can become very detailed and complex, it is important that the attorney you select has ample experience in this area of law. One of the best sources of information on any attorney is the local bar association.

As you will be spending a great deal of time with the attorney it is of particular importance that the body chemistry is good and that you get along with the attorney and the attorney’s staff. Look for an attorney in Rockford IL that can communicate with you on your level of legal appreciation.

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