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by | Aug 3, 2013 | Lawyers

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A Car Accident Attorney Federal Way Car Accident Attorney Federal Way provides counsel and legal representation for anyone who is injured or has a family member that sustained injuries due to an automobile accident. The most common classification in these cases is personal injury, although if the accident caused the death of a loved one, it is then referred to as a wrongful-death lawsuit. If either of these options applies to your case you need to contact an attorney of your choice to begin legal proceedings.

Types of Personal Injury Cases:

Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrian injuries occur often within the parking lots of retailers and shopping malls. These injuries happen due to carelessness and speeding within these areas. Individuals become injured when crossing streets via crosswalks due to these same reasons. The injuries are often severe due to impact and sometimes lead to death. If you sustain injuries as a pedestrian, you should contact a lawyer to represent you.

Uninsured Motorists

Although strict laws apply to automobile insurance, there are still an abundance of uninsured motorists on the road even today. The problem that exists within this inability to maintain auto insurance is that there is not guaranteed coverage to compensate the other driver. In these cases, it is up to the injured party to file a lawsuit to collect the compensation he or she deserves.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a form of negligence in which another party’s actions lead to the death of another individual. This typically applies to auto accidents and product’s liability. However, it is probable in other areas of the law. A surviving family member can file a wrongful-death lawsuit against the party that is at fault. If the survivor is a minor, an advocate within the family may file this lawsuit on their behalf. In this case, compensation is placed within a trust until the minor becomes an adult.

Legal Representation

The A. Robert E. Thomson Law Office has offered over 34 years of service in the personal injury field. This attorney has represented numerous personal injury and wrongful-death cases throughout his career. To hire A. Robert E. Thomson for your personal injury case, you may contact him by phone at his local office or through his website.

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