Straighten Teeth with Invisalign in Hudson WI

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Dentistry

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Having a straight white smile is something that most people desire in their adult lives. Braces have been the only tool available for quite some time to straighten teeth and fix things like an over bite, cross bite, or crooked teeth. While braces do the job, they come with some not so friendly side effects. The metal brackets can irritate the mouth and gums, and they also make it tough to eat certain foods. The metal braces are also unsightly and make people a little more self conscious about how they look. Finally, braces make brushing and flossing teeth much more difficult.

There is an alternative to braces available at Kristo Orthodontics that takes away many of the disadvantages mentioned above, but still does the job of straightening teeth. This Invisalign Hudson WI product looks more like a clear plastic retainer. These trays fit snugly on the teeth and begin to do the job of braces. The first advantage to this treatment over braces is the fact that smooth plastic trays are being used rather than the metal brackets. This takes away the uncomfortable metal and makes the entire experience much more pleasant.

Another advantage to the Invisalign Hudson WI is that any foods can be eaten while the device is being used. When people using Invisalign want to eat, they can simply remove the trays and eat. This also makes brushing and flossing much easier because there are no metal brackets getting in the way. Being able to brush and floss properly while using this product is a huge advantage to having overall better dental health. Not only will the teeth be straight and have enough space, but they will also be clean and free of tartar and plaque.

Finally, the Invisalign Hudson WI product is much better looking than a set of metal braces. The plastic trays are virtually unnoticeable and allow people to smile and talk without the burden of having metal brackets on their teeth. This product does the job of braces without many of the disadvantages that braces bring. They are especially preferred by adults that want to have a more discreet way of taking care of their teeth.

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