Services That You Can Enjoy with Senior Home Care in Monterey, CA

If you are in your golden years and want to receive care at home, senior home care services are available to help make life easier. Here are some of the services that you can enjoy with senior home care in Monterey, CA.


In-home nursing provides the opportunity to receive medical care without always having to travel out to a doctor’s office or hospital. These nurses can monitor the home environment to ensure better safety and help administer essential medications. In-home nurses can also assist with tasks like dressing and bathing.

Physical Therapy

If you have sustained an injury or are dealing with another medical condition that limits your mobility, a senior home care provider that offers in-home physical therapy can try to help you regain many of your movements. The physical therapist will assist you with performing a variety of stretches and exercises that are intended to strengthen and rehabilitate your body.

Speech Therapy

Some senior home care providers even offer speech therapy that can be valuable to people who’ve lost the ability to speak or have trouble speaking because of a medical condition. Learning to speak correctly again can also help improve swallowing functions and minimize the chances of choking.

Getting the care that you need at home can help you live out the rest of your years in greater comfort. Please visit to learn more about the advantages of senior home care in Monterey, CA, and the specific services that VNA & Hospice offers.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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