Shockproof digital cameras, what are they?

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Shopping

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The best digital cameras that are shockproof are those that can withstand being dropped on a hard surface. A camera that has this ability is made from thick metal or other durable material, this adds somewhat to the bulk of the camera in both weight and physical dimensions. Cameras that are shockproof often are waterproof as well and be able to withstand very low temperatures but not necessarily. The best shockproof digital camerais rated so that the user knows in advance exactly what the fall distance is before the camera may break.

Most often, the best digital cameras are dropped inadvertently while taking the photo or when the camera hits an object while being carried around the user’s neck on a strap. A camera does not necessarily have to be dropped to break, a smash into a hard object while swinging on a lanyard or neck strap will do damage as well. A camera which is designed and manufactured to be shockproof aims to prevent these events from damaging the camera. As these cameras are resistant to damage when being knocked around, they are favorites for campers and hikers.

During the manufacturing process of these shockproof cameras, the body of the camThe best digital cameras, including shockproof models are reviewed by DigitalCameraHQ. This web site sells nothing; it offers unbiased reviews of all the best digital cameras and accessories.era is made from either a metal or plastic material. The material is somewhat thicker than what is used for a standard camera body. The lens, which is the same lens as used on a normal camera is mounted in a shockproof fixture and is usually designed to take a cover for protection when not in use. This design results in a heavier camera, although the very best digital cameras that have this feature use titanium, one of the lighter materials available which has very high strength.

These shockproof cameras are rated for a fall, in this way a consumer knows in advance how far the camera can fall before it can be expected to break. This distance will be shown on the packaging or in the user manual; it normally ranges between five and seven feet. Although it is the rated distance that covers the warranty, the best shockproof cameras can usually withstand a higher fall with no damage.

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