Should I Take My Child to a Kids Teeth Dentist in Potomac?

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Dentistry

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Conscientious parents know that babies and toddlers need to get routine medical care from birth onward in order to spot possible problems and receive the necessary preventative care that keeps the child in good health. Often times, however, even the best parents fail to consider oral and dental care at these early ages, but it is just as important to a little one’s healthy development. There are many reasons to choose a Kids Teeth Dentist in Potomac when a child is very young.

First of all, a pediatric dentist’s role is to educate parent and child about proper dental and oral care and maintenance. Even infants should have gums cleaned with a damp wash cloth or piece of gauze, for example. There may not be any teeth yet, but harmful bacteria can still build up on the gums. When the first tooth appears, it is important to obtain a soft infant tooth brush and gently brush the new tooth with just a smear of toothpaste.

The pediatric dentist will instruct a child, beginning at the age of three, as to the best way to brush the teeth, rinses that may be recommended, and educate them about foods that help build strong healthy teeth as well as those to avoid. All this is done in a fun and entertaining way that the child will enjoy and remember, often using cartoon characters and stories, rhymes and songs.

Dental problems can also occur at a very young age. For example, many parents allow infants to go to sleep with a bottle of formula or milk. This can result in tooth decay which appears as discoloration on the baby teeth which will need to be looked at by the pediatric dentist. Other times, a child’s secondary teeth may begin to erupt while the baby teeth are still in place. This can lead to an increased trapping of food and bacteria that can cause tooth decay, and needs to be evaluated. And, of course, children are known to get themselves into various mishaps and accidents in which a tooth may be chipped or knocked out, which requires emergency attention by a pediatric dental professional.

When planning for an infant or child’s health care needs, it is recommended that a Kids Teeth Dentist Potomac be on the list of professionals to visit regularly. With their special training and experience with children, dental visits are made both fun and educational for the child.




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