Smile Wide and Proud with a Smile Makeover

7251819_lSome people may not want to smile simply because they do not like that they have stained teeth, cracked teeth, or the loss of teeth. There are many ways to fix your smile now that include bonding, porcelain technology and whitening processes. A simple visit to a dentist can help you achieve a beautiful New York smile makeover. You will be smiling without feeling conscious about how your teeth look once you have experienced a smile makeover. Give yourself peace of mind and the ability to smile when you feel like it.

What Is the Difference between Oral Hygiene and Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you have a healthy mouth that just needs appearance improvements, then you need to seek cosmetic dentistry. Improving your smile can make you feel better about yourself and encourage you to smile more often, and keep you from hiding your smile. There have been many different types of technological advances that have made improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry a virtually painless procedure. It differs from oral hygiene since a professional dentist will be working on the cosmetics of your smile instead of being diagnosed with oral diseases, or treating a multitude of dental problems. Now you can have a more attractive appearance by having your mouth reconstructed to give you a smile makeover.

What Types of Procedures Are Included in a Smile Makeover?

There are many different types of smile makeover procedures. If you need to cover healthy teeth that are stained, you may require dental veneers. Perhaps your dentist believes those stains can be removed, with the process of dental whitening that makes your teeth nice and bright. Of course it is always best to have your mouth examined by an expert dentist so they can recommend the best type of cosmetic dental treatments that will have you smiling wider than ever. If you are missing a tooth or a few teeth, then you could have dental implants put in that fill in any gaps, and give you a nice and healthy full set of teeth.

Get an Oral Health Evaluation

Before any dentistry work is done, you need to get an oral health evaluation. This will rule out any other dentistry work that needs to be done besides actual cosmetic work. It is very important to make sure cosmetic dentistry is performed on a healthy mouth. Cosmetic dentistry does not replace good oral health care or procedures. Your gums, occlusion, and overall structure of your jaw and teeth are going to be factors that will determine whether you are ready for cosmetic dentistry.

Smile Make Overs New York is a professional dentistry office that has been providing competent dental services for people of all ages. When you are ready to smile brighter, make a New York Smile Makeover appointment today.

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