Stainless Steel Kick Plates Can Protect Your Establishment’s Doors

Kick plates remain valuable additions to doors in the commercial setting. These are protective plates that run the width of a door and attach along a door’s bottom area. This article offers information about why stainless steel kick plates are needed and what to look for when purchasing them for commercial purposes.

What is it?
Stainless steel kick plates are embraced both for their functional and aesthetic purposes. They essentially help to shield the bottom section of your door when people kick the door open. Public venues that receive high levels of foot traffic may especially benefit from them, particular swinging doors. If your business features a public restroom, it may be a wise idea to include a kick plate on each restroom door because customers sometimes push these doors open with their strollers or carts. In the same way, a restaurant door that leads to the restaurant serving floor from the kitchen may benefit from one. This is because waiters who are handling trays of food will often kick the door open using their feet.

Additional Information
Although they have traditionally been used mostly on exterior doors, kick plates are increasingly being used on interior doors due to their decorative appearance. In addition to being used in retail shops and restaurants, kick plates are frequently used in office buildings and apartment complexes. A reputable company should be able to ship durable and cost-effective kick plates to you in a timely manner.

Why Stainless Steel?
Some of the best kick plates are those made out of stainless steel for a variety of reasons. First, stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and may maintain high levels of strength even at extremely high temperatures. In addition, stainless steel is known for being strong while not being very thick or heavy, so it is relatively simple to work with. Stainless steel furthermore is easy to clean and maintain for a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Through a reputable and experienced company, you can get stainless steel kick plates that are guaranteed to last a long time and keep your doors in tip-top shape.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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