T.J. Smith, LLC: Understanding Defenses in Personal Injury Cases

If you are thinking about hiring an attorney such as T.J. Smith, LLC in order to file a personal injury lawsuit, you need to know what kind of defenses the other side of the lawsuit is likely to use. This way you can prepare for them. Fortunately, when you hire T.J. Smith, LLC a lawyer will sit down with you and explain what could happen. Defenses in a personal injury case are also referred to as arguments. These are what connects the plaintiff to the accident. More specifically, they are what point out who caused the accident. The second argument is focusing on what the plaintiff might not have done after the accident. This can include things such as getting medical attention or filing their lawsuit in a timely manner.

You have to understand that the defendant’s lawyer has the intention of doing everything they can to give the judge and the jury benefit of the doubt that the accident may have been partially your fault. They may also try to convince people that you did not make a big enough deal out of the accident as soon as you should have. Their goal is to convince anyone and everyone that you do not really need or deserve any financial compensation. If you have any skeletons in your closet it is possible for these to be brought to light if the other lawyer thinks it might hurt your case.

For example, if you have had personal injury cases in the past or anything where it looks like you were trying to get money for something you did not deserve they are sure to bring this information out into the open. This is why you hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will be well aware of all the tactics the defense lawyer is likely to use. The defense lawyer is just trying to defend your client and your lawyer will respond by doing the very same thing. Just remember to be honest and tell the whole truth regarding what happened. As long as you do not lie or stretch the truth your chances of getting compensation will be a lot better.


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