Tailoring a Cleaning Service in Newport Beach, CA to fit Your Life

Hiring a maid service may seem like something only the rich can afford, but it is something which nearly anyone can fit into a budget. It is also a service that does not need to be utilized every day, but is perfect those times in your life when keeping house is just another responsibility you do not have time for.

Many people make it affordable by using maid services to help once or twice a month, rather than weekly. Or they have someone in just to help with a specific task they dislike doing. Some tasks to consider:

  • General housework only, leaving the deep cleaning to you when you have the time.
  • Cleaning items like ceilings, light fixtures or tall windows because you have a problem with heights and ladders.
  • Handling tasks you despise like bathrooms or cleaning under furnishings
  • Performing tasks like carpet or upholstery cleaning that you lack the appropriate equipment to accomplish on your own.

When you are looking for a Cleaning Service in Newport Beach CA. You will be able to totally customize everything about your service. You can choose how frequently you want them to come, exactly what tasks you want completed each time and whether or not you want to be their when they arrive.

All of the details are arranged by the company and a cleaner is chosen and sent by them as well. If you like the quality of their work you can request the same cleaner come each time or you can request they send someone else.

Some additional information before hiring their services:

  • You can get a complete estimate before any scheduling is done.
  • Extra work not included with the estimate will mean an additional charge.
  • Tipping is appreciated but is not required. What you tip, or if you tip, is always entirely up to you.
  • The company is a referral service only and does not employ the maids personally. You will need to track the amount you pay each cleaning specialist and may need to pay employer taxes on them after a specific amount is paid. Contact a tax preparer to learn more.

Contact Domain to learn more about the services they offer and to get an estimate for the cleaning tasks you would like assistance with.


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