Take Advantage Of Used Siemens Equipment

Siemens is a globally recognized company that is known for cutting edge technology in their laboratory and clinical equipment. It is not uncommon to find Siemens equipment in top labs in any hospital or research center around the world, and their reputation for precision, accuracy, and reliability is second to none.

Low-Cost Replacements

New Siemens laboratory equipment used in immunology, hematology, coagulation and chemistry testing can be very costly. For new labs, for replacement equipment or for upsizing an existing testing facility, considering used Seimens equipment offers several advantages.

There are some common myths and misunderstanding that continue to circulate online about buying used Seimens equipment . The reality is top used medical, and laboratory equipment suppliers provide a very low-cost option to adding equipment to a new lab or upgrading the devices in a current testing facility.

Upgrades Available

One common myth is that all used Seimens equipment on the market is old and outdated. This is simply not the case, with many of the newer models or the most commonly used standard models coming on the market.

This occurs for several reasons. Labs can close, downsize or simply replace equipment due to changes in testing requirements. It is also possible that labs may move to using all one system, which may require the sale of equipment that is in very good condition and with minimal use.


When replacing existing Seimens equipment with used equipment, refurbished may be a good option to consider. This means that the equipment has been fully brought up to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards.

With this level of testing and full repair and replacement of any worn parts, the equipment is like new. This equipment will also be cosmetically in good condition with only minimal and very slight surface issues that are a part of the natural operation of the equipment in the prior lab.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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