Testing the Security of Your Garage Door and Building

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Your garage stores many valuable items from your vehicles to expensive sports equipment to high priced equipment or tools. That’s why the security of your garage building and garage door is important. You need a building that not only prevents theft, but is strong enough to avoid damage from violent weather. Your garage builder will follow local building codes for your area to ensure that your new garage withstands outside elements, but security features should be installed and maintained by you. Your garage contractor can help you choose a garage door system that is safe and secure, including external keypads and wireless remotes.

Lights and Windows of the Garage Building

The garage builder will ultimately be responsible for constructing the exterior of the building, including window and door installation. When deciding on the windows for your garage consider those with secure locking mechanisms. They will prevent anyone from lifting the window from the outside. You also need to consider the lighting in your garage. Your builder should install a garage door that has an automatic light when the door opens or closes. This is helpful when entering your garage at night since it illuminates the area immediately, giving you plenty of time to hit the regular light switch.

Installing a Secure Garage Door

You need a garage door that has state of art safety features. To prevent injuries, your garage builder should install a door that has automatic lift if something hits the door while it’s descending. This will prevent the door from crushing a small child or pet who may try to run under the door while it’s closing. A sensor system combined with an automatic lift door is the ultimate in safety, as the sensor will prevent the door from closing if something is breaking the sensor stream. This prevent people and pets from being crushed, and will protect your garage door because it won’t shut down on something hard, like a bicycle or car trunk, causing damage to the door.

Building a new garage is a big investment, and you need to consider the security of your garage if you want to keep your belongings safe. A contractor can go over your security options to ensure you have a fully safe and protected garage building. For more information about garage safety and hiring a garage builder, visit www.georgesgarages.com or you can follow them on Twitter.

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