Thank Your Wedding Guests with Chocolate Favors

How will you thank your guest for coming to your wedding? The best way to do this is at the reception. The tables will be set and all that is needed is a small gift for each guest. Place it in front of each guest’s plate, and they will not nice miss it. There are many options in chocolate favors. However, the best ones are the ones that are shaped in a heart. Do not miss a chance to impress your guests with the taste of fine Belgian chocolate that is kosher.

In terms of design, there are three popular options. One is to have a picture of you and the groom on the chocolate candy. This is done with the use of edible inks. Another option is to have you and your groom’s name etched into the foil wrapper, and the third option is to go with a plain foil wrapper. Any of these options would be a brilliant choice. Further, the foil covered chocolate favors come in many different colors. Mix the colors or use one color. Either choice will work.

For brides who are using red roses in their design, do not miss this. There is a wonderful way to compliment your rose choice. Use the chocolate favors in red foil. The color of red will sparkle against white table linens and add the perfect touch to your decor. However, to add even more drama, have the date of your wedding etched into the foil. This is a wonderful way to keep the magic alive at the table. It is also an excellent conversation piece. Your guests will wonder how you managed to find such wonderfully tasting candy, and they will admire the custom presentation.

Today’s bride does not need to spend her time stressing about what to give as gifts for her guests. The answer is simple. It is candy, and it can be ordered in bulk. Further, it can be stored at room temperature. When it is time for the reception, have someone place the the heart favors above the plates. Everyone will know that you and your groom remembered them on your special day.

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