The Benefits of a Divorce Lawyer

The emotional strain of undoing a marriage can be one of the most painful experiences a person can go through, especially when children are involved. Yes, the assets must be divided and the home may need to be sold, but dealing with the anxiety children go through can be extremely difficult. This is why hiring a lawyer in Omaha can help make the painful process less so. By providing advice and making strategic suggestions and fighting for the best interests of your children and you, a divorce lawyer can become your best ally.

Trying to work amicably through the divorce process is always best. Many couples decide to meet first to decide the terms of the divorce. In some cases, meeting with a mediator who can serve as a neutral third party is an excellent way to work through the sticking points of the negotiations. Mediators cannot side with either party, nor can they represent either party. Their purpose is to serve as a facilitator with the goal of reaching an agreement with the terms of the divorce. If successful, a summary is provided and this document can be filed with the court as part of the divorce decree.

When talks break down, it may be time to find a lawyer in Omaha who practice divorce law. Divorce lawyers can be excellent resources when it comes to understanding the divorce process, to verifying the legality of any proposed divorce term from the other party.

In most states, the law favors the rights of women when it comes to a divorce settlement. If you are a father, hiring a divorce lawyer who understands a father’s right can be critical to ensuring your best interests are protected.

Terms of most divorces include the division of assets as well the assignment of debts (if possible). If you do have children, child support is generally determined by the court. The incomes of both parties and the amount of time each party has the children play a part in who gets child support and how much.

Alimony is another facet of divorce to consider. Couples who have been married for a long time will more than likely have the expectation of one person paying the other person some form of alimony. A good divorce lawyer in Omaha can determine an equitable amount. Alimony is generally paid for the same number of years that a marriage lasted.

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Lawyer Omaha

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