The Benefits Of Audiology In Fort Myers

Audiology in Fort Myers consists of the study of hearing disorders that relate to the manner in which you hear and maintain balance. Conditions such as vertigo and hearing loss are addressed by an audiologist. These doctors assist you in determining the severity of your hearing loss and which treatment option is best suited for you. When you experience issues with balance, the issue could exist within your inner ear. Conditions that affect your balance are treatable and your preferred audiologist will address these issues with effective treatments. To learn more about audiology and conditions treated contact the Office of Dr. Mark Montgomery to schedule an appointment.

When You Frequently Loss Your Balance

As you age it is possible that you may experience dizziness and face difficulties with balance. However, conditions such as vertigo are common and may affect anyone at any age. If you are experiencing vertigo it is urgent that you have your inner ear examined to determine whether you are suffering from any underlying conditions that may affect them.

Local Audiologist

The Office of Dr. Mark Montgomery presents you with access to an audiologist. An audiologist can assist you by evaluating conditions that affect your hearing and balance. This audiologist helps you by conducting a complete analysis of your hearing and establishes whether or not you have inner ear issues that are affecting your balance. The doctors within this practice can assist you with conditions such as vertigo and more. To schedule a consultation to determine which condition is causing your difficulties.


In Audiology in Fort Myers, a doctor examines conditions that affect both hearing and balance. These conditions can cause significant difficulties when performing common daily tasks. If your hearing has been affected by loud noises in which you are frequently exposed you should have a full examination to determine the extent of your hearing loss. When you experience vertigo and other conditions that affect your balance it is necessary for you to see an audiologist to help you find an effective solution.


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