The Benefits of Residential Programs for Holton, KS. Drug Addiction Treatment

Choosing to enter a residential Holton, KS. drug addiction treatment program is the best option for many people. Getting away from the current environment and going somewhere to get a new, fresh start is more than just a metaphor, it is a very positive experience for many people.

Most people with drug addictions will need to participate in a detox program, and in many cases, it will be medically supervised. There are Holton, KS. drug addiction treatment programs providing a supervised medical detox and then a transfer of the client to their residential program. This maintains continuity in staff, counselors, and approach to treatment.

There are other reasons why a residential Holton, KS. drug addiction treatment program is beneficial. By considering the upside to this choice and comparing it with the options, you can determine if it is the right decision.

Controlled Environment

One of the important considerations in a residential Holton, KS. drug addiction treatment is the controlled type of environment. While clients will have choices and freedom within the facility, they are not going to be exposed to drug and alcohol use during their stay.

This is critical during the first part of the treatment, especially during detox and immediately after. By avoiding the triggers for use, including specific people and places, the individual is better able to learn techniques to master their urge to use.

Structure and Support

For many addicts, their life before Holton, KS. drug addiction treatment has been highly chaotic. They may not have had a job and may have been simply existing rather than living a structured, routine life.

In the residential facility, structure and routine is added back to their day to day activities, providing them with the practice they need when they transition back to their home.

Community of Support

Another highly beneficial aspect of residential treatment is the community of support to which each client belongs. This includes staff, therapists, and counselors, group facilitators, as well as the other clients.

In having a support group an addict, who may have been very alone and isolated, learns the importance of having a support network in their recovery process. They also learn important communication skills which can be very helpful in moving forward with life after drug addiction treatment is complete.

At New Dawn Wellness & Recovery Center, our Holton, KS. drug addiction treatment includes both residential as well as outpatient treatment and support. To see more or to learn about our services go to website.

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