The Best Dishes to Make with Your Outdoor Pizza Oven—That AREN’T Pizza!

Outdoor Brick Pizza Ovens are well-known for creating one signature dish: pizza, of course! Did you realize these wonderful tools can be used to bake so much more than pizza? The truth is Outdoor Brick Pizza Ovens, despite the name, are just as versatile as the oven occupying your indoor kitchen. In fact, these pizza ovens can be even more useful for your cooking needs because they are able to get much hotter than the average indoor oven. All you need to know is how to utilize your outdoor oven in the right ways to make some of these amazing dishes.


To start off your frittata, you need at least eggs, olive oil and whatever toppings you like. The most popular are veggies and some sort of meat, such as ham. Heat your outdoor brick pizza oven to a temperature between 500 and 600°F. Mix together your eggs, any cheese you wish to include and any herbs. Saute any vegetables and meat you wish to add, before pouring your eggs in. You can then let the frittata cook for five or six minutes. Let it cool and enjoy!


Outdoor Brick Pizza Ovens can produce quite a satisfying steak. To cook them up, you need to preheat the oven to anywhere between 570 and 600°F. While you wait, place as many sizzle platters inside the oven as you need for the steaks. Try to use one per steak. Coat your steaks with olive oil and any seasonings you like. Apply the olive oil to the sizzle platters before placing the steaks on them. The amount of time you need to wait for each steak to cook depends on the degree of doneness you want, though three minutes is a good amount of time to start with. Be sure to rest the steaks after cooking to maintain juiciness.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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