The Bride on a Budget: Smart Ways to Afford Professional Wedding Flowers in Charlotte, NC

If you’re planning a wedding in Charlotte, you may be surprised to find out how expensive your flowers can be. According to The Knot magazine, the average couple spends $1,988 on wedding flowers in Charlotte, NC. But don’t despair–if you’re on a budget, you can still have beautiful blooms from the florist without straining your wallet. Keep reading for some smart tips on how to lower the cost of this wedding day must-have.

Rethink Bouquets

Between bouquets for the bride and the bridesmaids, the average couple in Charlotte can spend over $600 if their arrangements are custom-made by professionals, according to The Wedding Report, Inc. If you want the expert styling of a florist but can’t afford the price-tag, consider downsizing the bouquets to single-stem roses. Decorated with ribbons or other ornamentation, this look is simple, elegant and relatively inexpensive.

Choose Bigger Blooms

Flowers with bigger blooms will cost less overall because you’ll need fewer of them to fill out arrangements or table centerpieces. According to florists, hydrangeas and carnations are two great choices because of their large size and low price-tag.

Reuse Church Decorations

If you’re decorating the church with flowers for your ceremony, you can give these short-lived arrangements a second life by reusing them as table centerpieces at your reception. To make the process easier, arrange church flowers in easy-to-transport containers like decorative baskets or stylish buckets.

Buy Seasonal Flowers

Blooms that are in season will cost less and look fresher than flowers that have to be ordered from distant locations. What are some good seasonal picks for North Carolina? According to Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, tulips or magnolias are economical choices for spring, while zinnias and hydrangeas are great picks during the summer. If you’re getting married in the fall or winter, stick with roses, ornamental berries or evergreens to save the most money.

Consider Non-Floral Centerpieces

Reception table centerpieces can eat up a large portion of your floral budget–anywhere from $263 to $674 in Charlotte, according to visit us website. If you really need to cut costs, consider opting for non-floral centerpieces. Arrangements centered around inexpensive floating candles or simple white pillar candles of varying heights can look elegant and create a special ambiance.

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you can still enjoy wedding flowers in Charlotte, NC without going into debt. Elizabeth House Flowers Inc. offers finest quality affordable wedding flowers in the Charlotte area.

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