The Different Parts of the Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

Radon is an invisible gas that is undetectable by the senses. It is a naturally occurring gas that is emitted from the ground. While it is a natural gas, it is a radioactive gas. A high exposure to this type of gas can cause lung cancer. Unfortunately, it is impossible to figure out if your radon levels are high without adequate testing. This will tell you if you need to have a radon system installed in your home. The radon system has several parts that help move the radon out of your home.

One of the parts of the Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh PA is the suction pipe. This pipe is located at the lowest possible point in the basement of your home. While it appears to be just another pipe, this pipe is actually pulling in the radon gas that is coming from the soil. This pipe will help to reduce your radon exposure by pulling the gas out before it has the chance to migrate through the floorboards and into your lungs. This pipe will typically run through all the levels of your home but can be hidden in walls on the living levels.

Another part of the Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh PA is the exhaust fan. This fan performs in the same manner as other venting fans. It helps to pull the radon through the suction piping so it can be exhausted outside the home. This fan is usually placed near the highest point of your home. This can be in the attic area or a convenient placement in the roof. The fan is usually mounted right below the exhaust piping. While there may be some noise when it is in operation, the fan is typically no louder than most exhaust fans.

The exhaust piping is the tail end of the Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh PA. This is where all of the radon gas gets pushed back outside. This may require an extra opening in the roof because it has to be vented outside so it can be diluted in the atmosphere.

These are the parts of the Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh PA. While the procedure to add on is similar to other venting systems, it is an important system to have if your levels are high. This system will help protect against excessive exposure to the gas.

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