The Importance of a DWI Defense Attorney in Gonzales LA in a Criminal Case

The flashing lights of a police car can cause many people to sweat. However, it’s not until the officer gets to the car and tells the driver why they were stopped that a person should worry. In some cases, the infraction is simple and the police issue a warning. In others, the driver goes to jail. Driving while intoxicated is something that might send a person to jail for at least a few hours. That’s only the beginning of the problems, though. The court process can take months and could result in heavy penalties for a driver who gets found guilty of DWI.

Anyone dealing with this legal situation needs a DWI Defense Attorney in Gonzales LA as soon as possible. Most people are not familiar with the legal process and an attorney can answer questions and help a client prepare for the next steps. After a person has been arrested for DWI, they may also have their driver’s license suspended by the state. This is a separate action and an attorney may help their client by requesting and attending a hearing with the Office of Motor Vehicles. Success at this hearing might save a driver’s license but it won’t have an effect on the criminal charges.

There are several possible defenses against a DWI charge that a DWI Defense Attorney in Gonzales LA might use. It’s important for a defendant to be honest with their attorney and give as much information as they can remember. If they were drinking prior to being stopped by law enforcement officers, this is important for the attorney to know. A lawyer doesn’t have to argue that their client was not drinking in order to get them acquitted at a trial.

An attorney may question the accuracy of the blood alcohol testing device, the probable cause for pulling the driver over or the methods they used to arrest the defendant. If the police did not follow their own protocol, the charges against a driver could be dropped. This is why it’s so important for anyone charged with DWI to get more information about hiring an experienced attorney to help them win their case.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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