The Importance of Protective Shade in your Garden

Summers in Ottawa are short and sweet. However they are also hot and humid. When summer arrives we tend to get out enjoying the sun as much as we can and often can forget how much damage it can cause to our skin. Providing protective shade in your garden will allow you to enjoy the summer weather without having to be exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Here are a few reasons having protection such as gazebos Ottawa homeowners build is important:

Sunburn: Most of us have suffered from the unpleasant pain and embarrassment of sunburn at least once in our lives. However many people do not realize that serious sunburns can raise the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Consider that it just takes one blistering sunburn or five sunburns with a distinct reddening to double your chances of developing skin cancer. Gazebos Ottawa homeowners build in their backyards can offer much needed protection from harmful UV rays.

  Proper Placement: The sun’s rays are the most harmful from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. Therefore it is a good idea to consider your property and see what area seems to have the most sun exposure at this time of day. This is the perfect spot for the gazebos Ottawa homeowners build. You can also look for convenient areas where the sun might be troublesome for meals, poolside or in an ideal area you would like to sit and relax. Decks & gazebos in Ottawa are the most popular garden structures and to protect your decks you can also consider adding a retractable awning for further shade.

  Type of Shade: Even though you might feel you do have enough shade in your garden at the moment, often areas under trees, smaller umbrellas and pergolas do not provide enough sun protection. The powerful rays of the sun can still cause damage in shaded areas beneath trees and umbrellas as the rays can penetrate leaves and fabrics without SPF protective coatings. A gazebo is an excellent option as it provides the proper protection you need with 100 percent blockage from the sun. If you still have sun peeking under your gazebo roof hang SPF protected fabric curtains and draw them shut when the sun appears. They also work well to keep out glare from swimming pools and larger water features. Awnings above decks & gazebos in Ottawa with protective screens and curtains are perfect places to relax.

As you can see having gazebos Ottawa homeowners build with companies such as Apprize Landscape Design provide much needed shade to protect your family from the sun.

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